Assertion To Dáil On Traveller Ethnicity 1st March 2017

Life TravellerGypsies, each Romany Gypsies and Irish Travellers (both teams tend to be referred to just as ‘gypsies’ right here within the Uk) are distinct ethnic groups and their history may be traced back by way of centuries. I wish to pay tribute particularly to those who have advocated on behalf of the Traveller community; from inside the Traveller group itself, but in addition those from the settled neighborhood, who have executed a lot to advance this cause.

The say wherever Irish music is performed, wherever Irish songs are sung, wherever Irish stories are advised, and wherever Irish dances are carried out the influences of the Dorans, the Keenans, the Fureys, the Dunnes, the Doherty’s and other nice Traveller and musical households will likely be very much in evidence”.

Most individuals are unaware that there are Irish Travellers in Trinity and many don’t imagine that they might get in. I for one came in via direct entry, but others have came in as mature students or by means of entry applications.

Most New Age Travellers were born into a conventional way of life and made a concious choice to depart settled life and change into a Traveller, though there at the moment are second and third generation Travellers who were born into travelling families and have never been settled.

Like other minority ethnic groups Gypsies and Travellers have their own languages, traditions and customs that guide their lifestyle, however because the group value their privateness, a number of myths and misunderstandings about their tradition have cropped up.